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Welcome to EDGE. Things to look out for in our range include:
  • The evolution of our Dancer mould to maximize the bend
  • A new mould for drag flickers (The Gonzo)
  • Slimmer and lighter mould options (The Transcend)
  • Entry level price point options, so now everyone can have a go with low bow and grooved shaft sticks to see what a difference it can make to your game (the 5 Series)  
Choosing Your Stick – Our Philosophy

Before we start, lets make one thing clear. The best decision you can make when buying a hockey stick is to choose something you are comfortable with. No one stick is more or less suitable to a type of position or age.

Different mould shapes and construction types will help you do different things, evolve your skills and enjoy your game more. But be true to yourself, pick something you are comfortable with. If you are happy with the feel of your stick, you will relax and you will play better!

Understanding our Range

There are 2 main things to look for in our range:

Mould type.

This is the shape of the stick. We name our stick moulds for easy identification. You can tell the mould by the colour on the head. In quick terms:

1. The Gonzo is a drag flickers dream. The lowest possible, maximum bow we could make.

2. The Dancer has a mid low bow and grooved shaft. It’s great for control, flicking and slinging the ball.

3. The Crusader has a mid low bow, without the groove shaft. It has a hook head for extra control.

4. The Transcend is a standard bow with a slimline shaft. A great allrounder!

5. The Voyager is our straight mould at 17mm. Its perfect for those with perfect technique.

Composition type

This is what is inside the stick and it affects how the stick feels and plays. Visually you can tell the composition type of each stick by the colour of the graphics. Here’s what to look out for:

1. Our featherlite sticks have a 2 channel core with 90% carbon. They are made this way in order to keep the weight as low as possible and retain the strength and power. If you want a light stick, this should be your default selection.

2. Our 9, 7 and 5 series sticks are 3 channel cores. The number (9, 7, or 5) refers to the carbon content (9 series is 90% carbon). The 3 channel structure ensures consistency and strength. The higher the carbon content the higher the stiffness of the stick.

3. All of our sticks with 70% plus carbon in them are international specification. Above this specification level, your choice should be around stiffness and feel. Those with powerful cores and a fast swing speed should pick a higher carbon content.

4. All EDGE sticks have a Reinforced slap zone and head to make your passes sizzle over longer distances. Reinforced backhand zone for those beloved of the ‘tomma’, if you catch the edge (no pun intended), then the goalie won’t even know about it!

What Else Should You Know?

1. Our Featherlite range is designed especially for players who want ultra light sticks. Each stick weighs less than 500g each! If lightweight sticks are important to you then don’t overlook this range.

2. Our 5 series composition is bringing mould shapes previously focused on elite players to the masses. Now everyone can have a go with low bow and grooved shaft sticks to see what a difference it can make to their game.

3. Our weights and balance points have been chosen for specific performance and balance reasons – so don’t stress, we have that covered for you!