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Strap yourself in, the Voyager takes you places! If you can’t understand the evolution to bowed sticks, this is the weapon for you.

You’ll be proud to realise that your preference for a straighter stick is a complement to your perfect technique. Following the simple principles of bio metrics, a straighter stick is more aligned with your body position, enhancing your timing and ball connection on passes. With your arms and hands in line and in a natural position – you’ll find your ball control far easier. Perfect for an instant first touch and for executing your devastating stick skills under pressure!

Our 17mm bow and 77mm head height give you the perfect tools to make an impact.    

Made using our unique EDGE manufacturing process and composition, this is a stick you will love.  As well as our special composition, and unique shape, the stick comes with these standard Edge features:

  • Reinforced slap zone and head to make your passes sizzle over longer distances.
  • Reinforced backhand zone for those beloved of the ‘tomma’, if you catch the edge (no pun intended), then the goalie won’t even know about it.

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