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We manufacture world class field hockey sticks using leading international players and skilled technical engineers to design unique stick shapes and compositions. 

We believe in developing the best sticks possible for every playing style. We don’t believe that you have to compromise on touch to gain power (or power to gain touch!). We believe in delivering both at the same time. So we’ve designed our standard sticks which incorporate a 3 channel cavity system, engineered with reverse strutting technology and protected with a 3k woven carbon overlay: 






In 2016 we introduced our new Featherlite range. We tasked ourselves with producing the highest standard, lightest stick possible - to satisfy the increasing demands of players who want lighter and lighter equipment. 

Dual chamber and weighing in at less than 500g, our Featherlite range combines power and touch. Currently available in the square handled Dancer and our Transcend and Crusader moulds, they have set the standard for all lightweight sticks to follow. They feature a twin core to take the weight out of the stick, high carbon content to provide stiffness and power, and our standard 3k carbon weave for touch and feel.

Engineered using the world’s finest fibre and premium material EDGE sticks are set into shapes designed to suit every playing style. We've created a set of sticks which will outperform your expectations and have you playing at the top of your game. Every stick in our range is international quality – they are built to international player specifications with world class materials. There is no 'best' or 'worst' product, so choose the stick that best suits your game. Once you've made that choice, you will knock out the competition!