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Poor Running Form or Technique is a Waste of Energy in so Many Ways

Posted on May 15, 2018 by Steve Erkkila | 0 comments

Steve Erkkila - Speed & Fitness Coach for Athletics & Field Hockey

Fading before the final whistle? Can’t pick yourself up with 15 to 20 minutes of the game to go? Are you making poor calls at the back end of the game?  Do yourself a favour and improve your running form/technique. This could increase your performance by up to 20%.

Poor running form or technique is a total waste of precious energy! The energy you need to run faster, the energy you need to stop fatigue setting in with 15 minutes to play, or the energy you need to still be making competent decisions near the end of a game.

Getting the picture?  Good technique isn’t only there to help improve your speed it has many other benefits. Running correctly also puts you in an active and alert mindset so you are tuned in to the task ahead of you.

Hockey is one of the most explosive and intensive team sports, and it is crucial that you are not only very fit but that you have repetitive speed. For this to happen it is essential that you minimize your energy losses throughout the match. In so many games the result can change drastically in the last 15 minutes as players, through tiredness & fatigue, fail to run onto the ball, loose focus, miss their tackles, fall off their opposing partners like they have been doing for the last 75% of the game. This can all be attributed to “wasted energy” in the 1st ¾ of their match. For any athlete to play the full game focused, at pace & with accuracy & they must master what they do in all above mentioned passing tackling to perfection & this can only be done if they have saved the necessary energy throughout the game.

So firstly put in the hard yards and get fit, you’ve got to build a solid platform to launch the speed from. Don’t build your house on sand or failure will strike. Get fit and try to run on the grass rather than pound the roads that knock your legs around. The great Joe Fraser once stated you must do your homework – he hated running but he never missed a workout. If you cut corners it will catch up to you sooner or later – no doubt about it my friends, be warned!

In conclusion: learn the correct form and technique, stop wasting your precious energy for the many benefits it brings, do the hard yards so you have a solid platform to launch from.


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